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Apr 12 Concessions? Or organising to fight? Bargaining in 2021
Mar 26 Clauses worth fighting for: a new online resource for union activists
Mar 5 Whatever happened to the 7.21 hour day? Plus, the ghost of the JPF...
Feb 26 IT collapses at RMIT: another year of disaster capitalism in Australian Universities begins
Feb 17 How safe is COVID safe? Plus: snapshots of resistance Inbox
Jan 29 85 billion reasons for No Concessions in 2021
Dec 24 Merry Xmas to all, except for...
Dec 14 Can a leopard change its spots?
Dec 10 Best antidote to Porter attacks – Big Bargaining
Dec 7 A win at Curtin, a battle at Melbourne – plus champion clauses to limit outsourcing
Dec 4 The world’s greatest workload clause – and a win to celebrate
Nov 28 Protesting pays off as management rampage continues
Nov 20 USyd attacks Indigenous support unit: sign petition now
Nov 17 Democracy undermined, struggle continues Inbox
Nov 13 We need democracy to fight for jobs
Nov 12 Members of 24 unions condemn attack on union democracy
Nov 11 What union democracy is and isn’t – sign our open letter
Nov 10 Attack on democratic rights continues – sign and share the open letter
Nov 9 Update: your signature needed this morning to defend democracy in the NTEU
Nov 6 Democracy under attack: NTEU leadership crack down on resistance
Nov 2 Thrills and Spills at National Council
Oct 26 Building up to a strike wave: forum tonight
Oct 23 Reversing casualisation in eight easy clauses
Oct 16 Survivors sacked at Curtin; more resistance to uni job cuts
Oct 15 A “big bargaining” agenda; industrial murder at Curtin
Oct 10 VC declares: “death is certain” in viral outburst
Oct 7 Lobbying fails – Tehan triumph – Time to organise
Oct 4 Learning how to strike from the UK and USA
Sept 19 Starting the fight for jobs: successes and epic fails.
Sept 11 Manufactured “crisis” exposed – job cuts campaigns get moving
Sept 5 A resistance roundup
Sept 3 Three controversial statements on job cuts 
Aug 29 Milionaire VC thinks we should keep calm and carry on 
Aug 25 How can we become strike ready? Fighting for jobs now 
Aug 20 Wage Cuts 
Aug 14 Strategies and success stories 
Aug 12 Public health and safety meeting
Aug 11 Surviving the pandemic
Aug 6  Melbourne and UTS jobs massacres -- significant safety win -- smoke, mirrors and pay cuts 
Aug 5 Questions at Adelaide: wages - democracy - jobs - union principle 
Aug 3 Organising in a Pandemic is a Matter of Life and Death: a public meeting 
Aug 2 Avoiding death – Democracy? – More Poisonous Concessions
July 29 Lemmings, aerosols, organising and Covid 19
July 25 Organising – health – treachery – and weekend reading 
July 22 Resetting the NTEU: important public meeting tonight  
July 21 Life and death: organising for safety in a pandemic
July 18  Don’t Mourn, Organise! A public meeting on resetting the NTEU 
July 16 Jobs bloodbath at UNSW: don’t offer concessions - organise!
July 10 Done dirt cheap: concession bargaining then and now 
July 6 NTEU leadership hypocrisy on EA change clauses 
July 1 Who needs enemies when we have “friends” like the NE?
June 24 Urgent meeting tonight - Tehan’s plans and the prospects for resistance 
June 22 Opposing Tehan’s attacks - meeting Weds, protest Fri  
June 19 No to Tehan's next level Neoliberalism! 
June 18 Vote No at Monash today: results in from Western Australia and Wollongong 
June 17 Voting No means standing up for everyone in the sector, and beyond 
June 16 Staff at UWA, La Trobe, Monash need you to forward this email 
June 15 Vote No across the country - the awful truth about the Expert Assessment Panel 
June 12 “Smile while we sack you?” meet the “expert” tasked with safeguarding your job 
June 11 Landslide Vote No win at Melbourne Uni!! Meeting 5pm today (AEST) to report and discuss
June 10 The front line is everywhere: Melbourne, Monash, La Trobe, ANU 
June 9 Vote No and keep organising at Melbourne and La Trobe 
June 8 La Trobe only Vote No and keep organising: 5 takeaways from the La Trobe NTEU push-poll result 
June 6 La Trobe only Final reminder to Vote NO today! 
June 5 La Trobe goes for broke: please forward 
June 4 La Trobe only Management at La Trobe goes for broke: why we should Vote No 
June 3 An urgent message about La Trobe University: Vote No 
June 2 La Trobe launches attack - lessons in coercion and consent 
May 29 Volume #2 Resisting job cuts - a better strategy than wage cuts 
May 29 Volume #1 Speech of the Week: Fighting the Zombie Framework 
May 28 Dead but not buried: organising to finish off the Framework 
May 27 Active unionists destroyed the National Framework 
May 26 Volume #2 Rank and File Union Activism Defeats the Framework 
May 26 Volume #1 “Vote No and then what?” A six point plan to turn our union around 
May 25 News flash - Melbourne Uni attacks pay in non union ballot 
May 23 Fighting for the future of our union - and our universities 
May 22 Volume #2 News Flash - Barnes admits massive cut for low paid 
May 22 Volume #1 How much can our pay really be cut? 
May 21 NTEU Fightback update: keep organising for Vote NO 
May 21 5 Reasons to Vote NO to the National Framework at the NTEU Branch meeting today 
May 20 Where’s the democracy? Plus urgent Vote NO meeting tonight! 
May 19 Momentum builds as UTS Votes NO, ACU Votes NO!! 
May 18 6 days left to campaign for Vote No - No Concessions! 
May 17 Vote NO on May 25! 
May 15 Vote NO to a $375 per fortnight wage cut! 
May 14 We could be voting in a week - Next steps for our campaign  
May 13 Urgent meeting tonight – National Framework released – pay cuts up to 15% -- Prepare to Vote NO 
May 12 Reject Vice Chancellors’ Blackmail: say no, vote no. 
May 11 Campaign updates – Melbourne Uni to go for ballot – Fairfax coverage and more 
May 3 An extraordinary rebellion continues in the NTEU 
pril 27 Vote No to a $245 wage cut 
April 25 Our ‘Vote NO’ campaign continues 
April 23 NTEU Fightback - National Council  
April 17 NTEU Fightback: an update 
April 16 RMIT NTEU Branch Committee invites you to join us in an urgent meeting 
April 14 Some suggested motions for meetings 
April 12 The Government's HE package does almost nothing. Our union must fight.