Union organising and strikes in higher education in the UK and US with Feyzi Ismail and Katy Fox-Hodess - video of meeting held on 5 October 2020.

“No Shortcuts”? A critical appraisal of Jane McAlevey’s organising approach As workers in higher education debate a way forward, many are turning to the works of Jane McAlevey - the most famous union organiser in the English-speaking world.

Vote No at UWA

Information on the EBA Variation at UWA. 

Vote No Livestream 

Meeting on why vote NO held on May 20th. 

Vote No Meeting

Held on May 13th

Liam Ward responds to Matt McGowan

Liam Ward questions the strategy of the union. 

RMIT NTEU Branch QandA with Matt McGowan

Full video. 

RMIT NTEU Branch meeting 15 May 2020

Full video.