Introducing our activists

The rank and file activists leading NTEU Fightback

Alma Torlakovic

Alma has been an NTEU activist for 9 yrs, based in student admin services. She is a member of the branch committee and a National Councillor. She has been a part of two rounds of bargaining campaigns, including the EBA campaign of 2013 that involved 7 days of strikes, and a campaign for the right to leave to attend Mardi Gras and to have desk plants!

Katie Wood

Katie has been a library delegate at Melbourne University since 2009, when she first organised a campaign against a round of mass redundancies there. She has been on the branch committee for 10 years and many years a National Councillor for her sins.

Liam Ward

Liam is a media lecturer and has been an NTEU delegate at RMIT since 2004 and has been elected to BC and National Council since 2010. His school is one of the strongest bastions of density and activism in the country, active around industrial, political & social justice issues.